PRO Stealth Combipack Saddle with Bartape

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PRO Stealth Saddle.
The Stealth Saddle from PRO is designed for pro-level racing but has the versatility to support both relaxed and intense riding. Carbon-reinforced polymer in-molded construction delivers lightness and rigidity with just a little flex for optimal power transmission. A large central cut-out alleviates soft tissue and perineal pressure while in a deeper riding position.


Minimal Friction. Greater Stability.
Smooth PU material makes up the top layer, protecting against wear and minimizing friction. Malleable yet lightweight EVA padding facilitates optimal positioning and lasting comfort for long days in the saddle. Its wide nose facilitates greater stability while a short base allows for maximum forward positioning.


Width: 142mm; 152mm.
Weight: 205g; 210g.
Rail: 7mm x 7mm.


Pro Stealth Saddle
Black Team Control Bar Tape (x2)
High-End Alloy Anodized Endplugs (x2)
Plastic Endplugs (x2)


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