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Re-imagined from the inside out


Lightweight durable design
With the desire to empower you to improve your cycling performance we adopted a fresh approach when designing our new RVOLVER® hub technology. The innovative patent-pending floating clutch system provides you with an incredibly lightweight yet durable hub solution.


Masters of CNC
Employing our expertise in CNC aluminum manufacturing we saved precious weight by connecting the ratchet ring to the hub’s shell without threaded parts.

All components are machine CNC’d from ultralight 7075 aluminum with fewer steel parts and a simplified internal design for ease of assembly and maintenance.


Maximum momentum, minimum friction
The inventive sliding clutch system disengages the ring from the pawls when you stop pedaling, reducing friction so you gain maximum momentum when coasting or on high speed descents.

When you resume pedaling, the ratchet ring instantly re-engages to deliver a responsive power transfer that you will feel on every single ride.


Engineered for simplicity
RVOLVER’s® “Intelligent Flange Design” features evenly spaced, notched flanges again reducing overall weight and allowing easier wheel assembly.
The hub’s “Multi Compatibility Design” means that it’s also compatible with most frames and forks currently available.


Built to last
With bearings that provide the best compromise in size and weight and deliver a superior load carrying capacity, RVOLVER® hubs are built to last each time you upgrade your wheels and bicycle.


Our new RVOLVER® hubs range are the perfect complement to enhance your high-spec road bike and available in both rim and disc versions.


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